About Us

CassarCamilleri Ltd. is a joint venture between premium wine producers Marsovin and local liqueur producer Master Group with both companies being established way back in 1919 and 1947 respectively. The synergy created by this expansion has harmonised together the vast experience of both stakeholders resulting in an improved operational efficiency at all levels of production, import, export and distribution.

We pride ourselves in a variety of over 60 wines, produced under two different wine houses, namely Marsovin and Camilleri Wines. Driven by enthusiasm to explore the great produce that our terroir has to offer, both wine houses have diversified into the production of premium cold extraction olive oil made from olives groves planted and hand harvested on the same estates.

CassarCamilleri’s portfolio is both powerful and diverse. Our PET production line gives us the opportunity to delve into other markets within the beverage sector by manufacturing products such as Water, Squashes, Milkshakes, Vinegar and Rose Water.

With more than 100 brands within our portfolio, CassarCamilleri positions itself as one of the largest local suppliers in the beverage sector, with products ranging from Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs, Beer, Water, Juices & Squashes being produced locally as well as imported. 

A large variety of brands has given us the opportunity to build widespread and well connected relations within the local beverage market network. We constantly strive to maintain a strong commitment to our brands, to the trade, to the land, to investors, employees and to members of our community.